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We hosted a spelling bee competition as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and about 13 schools in Enugu state were represented. In a bid to give back to our community, we encourage children in primary schools to cultivate good reading habits, learn new words, and become more eloquent in speech and reading. It is also a great way to promote literacy, education and community engagement.
It was a huge success for us as the pupils got to interact and learn with each other and we had the opportunity to showcase the values, culture and identity in our Roseville community. 

All Saints Day

We begin this month of November with the celebration of All Saints Day. A solemn mass, officiated by Father Basil, was held to honour all the saints who have attained beatific vision in heaven. It is an opportunity for the faithful to remember and venerate the countless holy men and women who have lived exemplary lives of faith and charity. It is also a reminder of the universal call to holiness that Christ addressed to all his disciples: "Be perfect, as your heavenly father is perfect." Matthew 5:48.

OPEN DAY 2023/2024


We are excited to introduce our newly appointed school prefects. They have dedicated their time and effort, from participating in the leadership training to prepare them for their prefectship roles to campaigning and reading us their manifestos. 

The Roseville community made their choice and there have emerged a new wave of prefects that have been appointed to lead.

We are confident in their potential to contribute significantly and leave a positive impact on the Roseville community.

We are very proud of our girls and we look forward to the future with them.